<shikhin> Infinite, but one.
<shikhin> Like the universe.
-*- shikhin bows.

<shikhin> Anyway, let's reinvent the wheel.

<shikhin> You want to keep it clean, but surely it's more important if you can lift your laptop and smash it against a wall or not.

<shikhin> Oh no.
<shikhin> Informed decisions.
<shikhin> The worst kind.

<shikhin> My dream look is a really wiry sketchy looking person.
<shikhin> Such that when I walk into the department, people are tempted to throw me out.

<shikhin> Of course you're not a real origamist until you use your origami implements to kill and extract the bones off an animal.

<shikhin> Regardless of how long it's been since you used the fire alarm, you need it there.

<shikhin> I am what I eat.
<shikhin> Thus I am spicy.

<shikhin> Uniformly uninformed.

<shikhin> Hrm.
<shikhin> I can't understand this proof.
<shikhin> I'm annoyed.
<shikhin> Wow, I was annoyed. But now I understand it. Life is good again.

<shikhin> I would trust pancakes with my life.

<shikhin> (There needs to be a "Link shares ≠ endorsement." sentence in my bio.)

<shikhin> Maybe I'm naturally wonky.

<shikhin> Sort first, quit earlier.

<shikhin> Canon balls, or balls supported by established canon.

<shikhin> Reading math is fun. I ought to do it more often.
<shikhin> Especially as it is quite literally my job.

<shikhin> You just killed Z/2Z * Z/2Z.
<shikhin> You asshole.

<shikhin> I lost my hull once, it wasn't very pleasant.
<shikhin> I thought I was designed for my front to not fall off, but clearly not.

<shikhin> They wanted me to teach (!) calculus (!). I said no please.