CrazyEttin’s Lair


Greetings, and welcome to my Lair! I’m CrazyEttin, a geek who sometimes uploads their random projects here. I mostly do conlanging and conworlding but also write flash fiction and occasionally make other stuff ranging from board games to vector art.

The changelog of the Lair can be found here. I also have a gopherhole, the Burrow, and a Gitea for my programming projects. The older version of the site and my inactive DeviantArt page are still up just in case but no longer updated.




Equilibrio (Spanish for balance) is a turn-based abstract strategy board game for two players played on a 5×5 board with three kinds of tokens.



Gat­ma io­doc se­map­ra­cʼo a­ger, ca­ro no­ŧiap bir do­cu­men­tap­ri­ler.



qɑ̂ is my main conlang project and the one i’ve developed the longest. It’s an attempt to mix minimalism with naturalism.



Tricolour is an extremely minimalist engineered language sketch that uses the three primary colours red, green, and blue as its phonemes. It’s ridiculous by design and not meant to be taken seriously.