Welcome to your new account on Ahti Saarelainen.
This is a communist server. Note, this is not an anarchist server.

You have root access. So does everyone else.
Please be nice. Don’t be mean.

Your temporary password should have been given to you
by whomever created your account.
Change it with: passwd

Your default shell is /bin/sh.
Change it with: chsh

To edit the “wiki”, please git clone: /home/shared/wiki.git
I’d prefer that you do it not on this server.
A normal $ git push should update it.

You have a public_html folder.
Directory listing is on, but disabled by an index file.

The package manager is apk. Examples:

$ apk search vim            # finding vim
$ apk info vim              # informing yourself about vim
# apk add vim               # installing vim
# apk add vim-doc           # installing vim documentation
# apk del vim               # uninstalling vim

Try not to delete stuff you didn’t install.

To create users for other people, please use: sudo adduser
To remove users, which you shouldn’t ever do: sudo deluser

If this is a symlink in your home directory, feel free to delete it now.