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The Sortix Operating System
Sortix is a small self-hosting operating-system aiming to be a clean and modern
POSIX implementation. It is a hobbyist operating system written from scratch
with its own base system, including kernel and standard library, as well as
ports of third party software. It has a straightforward installer and can be
developed under itself. Releases come with the source code in /src, ready for
It has been in development since 2011 by a single developer and contributors.
Though the system is stable and capable right now, it is still early in
development, and a number of crucial features haven't been made yet. Releases
are made yearly and future releases will add features such as SMP, and USB that
were skipped in favor of becoming self-hosting now.
The system is documented as manual pages. Introductory system usage is covered
in the user-guide(7) manual page.
For more information, please visit the official website:
Building Sortix
Development of Sortix under itself is covered in development(7).
Development from another operating system is covered in cross-development(7).
You can view the cross-development(7) manual page with this command:
man share/man/man7/cross-development.7
Copyright 2011-2016 Jonas 'Sortie' Termansen and contributors.
Sortix is free software licensed under the ISC license as described in the
LICENSE file. It also contains permissively licensed code from other projects.