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Jonas 'Sortie' Termansen 917722cf70 Add display server.
This change adds the display(1) graphical user interface and desktop
environment with basic windowing support and the graphical terminal(1)
emulator along with integrations in chkblayout(1), chvideomode(1),
sysinstall(8), sysupgrade(8), as well as the games and ports.

Adopt the Aurora procedural wallpaper in display(1) and login(8).

Remove the obsolete dispd.

Juhani contributed keyboard and video mode APIs to the display protocol
and other miscellaneous changes.

dzwdz contributed the initial functioning window buttons, improved title
bar, window tiling, and minor bug fixes

Co-authored-by: Juhani Krekelä <juhani@krekelä.fi>
Co-authored-by: dzwdz <>
2023-06-24 00:43:36 +02:00
Juhani Krekelä e4ce686576 Use standard termios flags and functions in chvideomode(1).
Previously chvideomode(1) used {get,set}termmode(2) as well as
tcgetwincurpos(2), which are non-standard and only work in the kernel

This necessitates changing the keybind for exiting the menu from esc to
Q, as there is no good standard way to disambiguate between escape
character by itself and the start of an escape sequence.
2023-06-20 01:06:20 +03:00
Juhani Krekelä 0660d420f3 Fix pagination in chvideomode(1).
Pagination code deals with two indices for video modes, one relative to
the start of video modes array and one relative to the start of current
page. Previously when displaying the list of modes, the video mode array
would be accessed using the one relative to the start of the current
page, meaning that pages 2 and onwards displayed repeats of the video
modes on page 1. This changes the the display code to use indices
relative to the start of the video modes array when accessing the array.
2023-06-14 20:05:03 +03:00
Juhani Krekelä 1773d6a131 Fix setting custom modes on command line in chvideomode(1).
Previously setting a mode from the command line would only work if it
was one of the pre-set resolutions offered by the driver. If the driver
supported custom resolutions and a user tried to set one on the command
line, chvideomode(1) would instead launch in interactive mode.
2023-06-14 01:28:11 +03:00
Juhani Krekelä d671516e9c Change chvideomode(1) to use "WIDTHxHEIGHTxBPP" consistently.
Previously chvideomode(1) used "WIDTHxHEIGHTxBPP" on the command line
while interactively it used "BPP x WIDTH x HEIGHT". Change everything
2023-05-22 00:50:27 +03:00
Juhani Krekelä f6d6b60c10 Use getopt_long(3) and err(3) family in chvideomode(1). 2023-05-18 19:20:54 +03:00
Juhani Krekelä 66c4b7486a Move chkblayout(1) and chvideomode(1) into their own directories. 2023-05-16 02:25:18 +03:00
Renamed from utils/chvideomode.c (Browse further)