hello wordl for DOS
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30 lines
722 B

NASM ?= nasm
PYTHON ?= python
# 'murky' is the rarest target word we'll use
# https://github.com/lynn/hello-wordl/blob/7da40c1f067eb1ec157d4c5b7a9bd8257ed39342/src/Game.tsx#L34
all: dosdl.com
dosdl.com: dosdl.asm dictionary.inc targets.inc license.inc
$(NASM) -fbin -o $@ $<
dictionary.inc: dictionary.json targets.json compress-dict.py
$(PYTHON) compress-dict.py $< targets.json $(RAREST_WORD) $@
targets.inc: targets.json compress-targets.py
$(PYTHON) compress-targets.py $< $(RAREST_WORD) $@
license.inc: LICENSE embed-textfile.py
$(PYTHON) embed-textfile.py $< license_str $@
rm -f *.inc *.com
distclean: clean
run: dosdl.com
dosbox dosdl.com
.PHONY: all clean distclean run