hello wordl for DOS
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2 years ago
hello DOSdl
Hello DOSdl is a variant of Wordle / hello wordl for MS-DOS.
System requirements
- MS-DOS 1.25 or later, or PC-DOS 1.1 or later
- 64KiB of RAM
2 years ago
Notably, hello DOSdl has been written to only use the DOS APIs, meaning it
should work on non-PC DOS platforms as well.
2 years ago
Gameplay is as in hello wordl's default daily mode. `x` under a letter marks it
as incorrect and `^` marks it as being in the wrong place.
2 years ago
Word lists
The words lists are taken from
[hello wordl](https://github.com/lynn/hello-wordl#where-are-the-words-coming-from)
6 months ago
and are identical as of 2023-03-20, to allow cross-play between hello DOSdl and
hello wordl. See the link for further details.
2 years ago
Hello DOSdl is free software under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.